February 23, 2018

Pet Policy

1.   This policy shall become effective as of September 1, 2002.

2.   Other than fish and caged birds, no resident shall keep or maintain more than two domesticated pets in Cabrillo at any time.  Animals not capable of being domesticated may not be kept in any Unit.  Dogs and cats owned by guests, family members or invitees of a resident shall count toward the limit of two if said animal(s) stay overnight in the unit;

3.    No animal may be kept on the property for breeding or commercial purposes;

4.   All dogs and cats of residents, including tenants, must be registered with the Association.  Registration shall include the completion of the Pet Registration form and submission of a photograph of the pet.  The photograph should not exceed 5″ x 7″ nor be less than 3” x 5” and shall clearly show the face of the animal and other distinguishing characteristics;

5.   All dogs are to be properly licensed.  The animal’s license tag must be worn at all times when in the common areas;

6.  If any resident owns more than two dogs or cats as of July 1, 2002, the resident can continue to maintain the excess pets for the remainder of the pets’ natural lives if the pet owner registers all of his/her pets by September 1, 2002.  “Grand fathered” excess pets cannot be replaced upon or after their deaths.  Any animal not registered within this thirty (30) day period cannot qualify to be “grand fathered”;

7.   When a pet is transported within the common area, it must be accompanied by a person capable of controlling the animal.  Whenever they are in the common areas, all dogs must be kept on a leash and suitably muzzled.  Dogs, that cannot be suitably muzzled, and all cats must be carried by their owner or responsible adult when in the common areas of the building.  Any dog that cannot be either suitably muzzled or carried, must be transported in Elevator #2 ( the one to the right).  All pets are encouraged to be transported in Elevator #2.

8.   Pets may not be carried, walked, or otherwise transported through the main lobby of the building;

9.   Pets must be kept quiet so as not to disturb other residents.  Excessive animal noises are not permitted.  No animal may be kept or maintained on the property if it becomes or constitutes a nuisance in the sole discretion of the Board of Directors;

10. All animal wastes must be immediately removed from the common areas.  Feces must be placed in a plastic bag prior to disposal.  Pets may not be brought into any recreational common area;

11. Special aid dogs are exempt from rule 6, 7, and 10.

12. Owners violating any of the above regulations are subject to the following penalties: first offense – a warning letter, second offense – $25.00 fine, and for the third and each subsequent  offense –  $50.00.